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Vintage sofubi Yonezawa 6" schoolboy with glasses



This is a vintage sofubi Yonezawa schoolboy doll with rooted hair and attached glasses. Gently used vintage Sold as-is. Priced for size & condition. Approx. 6"/15cm tall - only one!
About Yonezawa: Yonezawa is a legendary Japanese toy maker who is no longer in business. The history of Yonezawa goes back to the first president opening a store in Asakusa in April 1932 (Showa 7) and beginning to sell toys. After the war, in January 1948 (Showa 23), the private store became a corporate organization, and in June 1956 (Tokyo Showa 31) Tokyo Central Toys Co., Ltd. was established as a specialized company for North American exports at the request of North American toy buyers. Yonezawa toys Co., Ltd. was established to conduct domestic sales and export operations excluding North America. During the Golden Age of Tin toy in the 1950s and 1960s, Yonezawa Toys introduced numerous masterpieces. Following the suspension of Omoriya Toys business, all remaining molds of Omoriya's antimony minicar "Celica Phoenix Series" were taken over, and on August 9, 1965, the production and sale of minicars began under the Diapet brand. After being acquired by Sega Toys in May 1994 and becoming Sega Yonezawa Co., Ltd., in March 2000 the trademark of the diecast mini car was transferred to Agatsuma and Yonezawa withdrew from the toy business.

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