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Usugrow: Love & Hate from Japan - SALE!

Usugrow: Love & Hate from Japan

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Japanese artist, Usugrow, is recognized for his hard subject matter such as skulls, horror characters and tattoo art, which he executes in delicate pointillism and detailed line work. The 96-page hard bound book is an overview of his distinctive inks on paper, paintings as well as personal photographs of different segments of his career.

Japanese artist Usugrow has created "Shinganist" - a line of apparel and accessories created with Upper Playground utilizing the simplest methodology of black and white. "Shingan" is a Japanese word meaning to create by seeing things through the minds eye, and that's precisely what Usugrow does through his artwork. His early influence comes from the hardcore music scene of Japan, making flyers and album covers for various bands of that scene, all of which helped to gradually shape his artistic concepts into the pinpoint delicate artwork that it is today. His white and black images consistently showcase the two opposing sides of life - only to unfold his individual style, message and identity as a Japanese artist.

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