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Tamiya Spray-work HG Trigger-Type Airbrush w/Integrated Cup - PRE-ORDER

Tamiya Spray-work HG Trigger-Type Airbrush w/Integrated Cup


Airbrushes by Tamiya of Japan now available by pre-order! ETA from date of order is 3-5 weeks. 

Manufacturer Specifications:
Can be connected to each compressor and air cans of Tamiya Spray-Work series, it is a high-performance air brush of double action type. Operation fatigue even in a simple and long-term work trigger (trigger) equation. Grip is made of easy to grip resin. Standard models of the nozzle diameter 0.3mm. Width 1mm can narrow spraying of following, they will complete a wide range of blur paint and full paint. Use a fluorine resin packing in needle retention portion. Movement is smooth, paint of backflow into the trigger part be prevented over a long period of time. The needle is with stopper you can to the width blowing so certain. In paint cup washed easily integrated, such as particles of metallic paint also get rid clean, also has grooves to prevent dripping of paint. Tamiya acrylic paint or enamel paint, also you can use most of the paint that you can dilute such as lacquer-based paints.
★ Includes paint cup-integrated air brush, nozzle diameter 0.3mm, paint cup capacity (7cc), cap, air joint & plate wrench.

*Air hose is not included. Please purchase separately.*

by: Tamiya

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