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Tamiya Spray-Work HG Airbrush III (SUPER FINE) - PRE-ORDER

Tamiya Spray-Work HG Airbrush III (SUPER FINE)

Sold Out

Airbrushes by Tamiya of Japan now available by pre-order! ETA from date of order is 3-5 weeks. 

Manufacturer Specifications:
Fine blowing performance of double-action classic model "Spray-Work HG Airbrush III" was emphasized, it is the nozzle diameter 0.2mm type. Can be subtle control button shape to fit the fingertips. Blowing of width 0.5mm following thin line also can, 1/72-scale airplane model, making it ideal for delicate paint such as camouflage of 1/48 tank model. Paint cup capacity 7cc, paint cup can be inserted optional. Metal chrome-plated body with high accuracy. Adopt a fluorine resin packing the holding part of the needle. Movement will prevent the seepage of paint smooth. HG compressor Revo II, compact compressor, use in connection with a basic compressor.
★ Includes air brush, paint cup (7cc), cap, air joint & plate wrench.

*Air hose is not included. Please purchase separately.*

by: Tamiya

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