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Tamiya Sparmax Airbrush SX0.3D - PRE-ORDER

Tamiya Sparmax Airbrush SX0.3D


Airbrushes by Tamiya of Japan now available by pre-order! ETA from date of order is 3-5 weeks. 

Manufacturer Specifications:
As for the introduction to a full-fledged air brush, also recommended for those who want to align the multiple air brush, it is air brush of double action type. Nozzle diameter 0.3mm. From camouflage paint tanks and planes to paint the car model, you can enjoy spray paint of a wide range of applications. Body durability sufficient metal. Paint cup is integrated capacity 7cc, on the outside is easy to wash to the bottom of the cup comes with a groove to prevent the paint sauce. Needle retention portion of the packing is made of fluorine resin to prevent seepage of paint excellent solvent resistance. Air source you can use compact, basic, Revo II, is Eakan.
★ Includes air brush, paint cup (7cc), cap, air joint & plate wrench.

*Air hose is not included. Please purchase separately.*

by: Tamiya

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