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Tamiya Sparmax Airbrush SX 0.5D - PRE-ORDER

Tamiya Sparmax Airbrush SX 0.5D

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Airbrushes by Tamiya of Japan now available by pre-order! ETA from date of order is 3-5 weeks. 

Manufacturer Specifications:
As for the introduction to a full-fledged air brush, also is recommended for air brush for those who want to align the multiple air brush. SX 0.5D is, Glossy paint of paint and a wide area of the car model, also corresponding nozzle diameter 0.5mm of air brush also sprayed metallic paint or surfacer. It is a double-action type that can control the air and paint separately. The body made of metal with accuracy and excellent durable. In paint cup easy to wash integrally molded, large capacity of 15cc. Packing of needle retention part uses a fluorine resin having excellent solvent resistance. Tamiya acrylic, can be used most of the paint such as at the beginning lacquer-based paints the enamel. Air source compressor Revo Ⅱ, you can use such as a basic compressor set.
★ Includes air brush, 15cc paint cup-integrated, paint cap, air joint & plate wrench.

*Air hose is not included. Please purchase separately.*

by: Tamiya

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