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JUXTAPOZ #158 - March 2014

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All 2014 long, Juxtapoz will be looking back at our roots, celebrating our 20th year with a mixture of history and the contemporary. For the March 2014 issue, we look at how Juxtapoz was born out of 1960's Psychedelic experimentation, from the art and groundbreaking imagery created by some of San Francisco's finest poster artists, who not only created lasting works that have stood the test of time and influenced thousands of fine artists and designers, but also helped create a visual history of some of the eras most important bands.

The March 2014 issue looks at both the past and future of Psychedelic Art:

-A full history of the Big 5 of SF psychedelic art: Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, and Wes Wilson
-We go inside the dark, erotic, twisted works of Japan's master, Toshio Saeki
-Kylea Borges carries the torch of new psychedelic art
-Casey Gray revives the still-life, with a little sunshine
-Amir H Fallah opens a new body of work in Dubai
-Sage Vaughn calls London home
-We travel to Montreal to see where to get a good cup of coffee... and where to get comfy in the winter
-Aaron James Draplin gives us the inside scoop on Field Notes

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