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DYNO - robin egg blue



Mr. White Cloud is one of many happy new characters made by Fluffy House!

FLUFFY HOUSE is a home for adorable characters, a factory of creativity and a cradle of dreams! Founded in 2007, FLUFFY HOUSE always strives to create lovable characters who fill people's hearts with warmth. The word "Fluffy" suggests something that feels furry, light and soft. It is often associated with something cute and adorable like fluffy plushes and cheerful little animals. 

Through their characters, products and illustrations, they hope to bring you joy and make you smile at heart. May you always find something lovable and heart-healing in FLUFFY HOUSE.

DYNO has been living on the earth for nearly a year. 
Walking through the days of sorrow, he is so grateful to receive the warm care from many different friends here.

As his mood changes, part of his lost colourful skin has even been recovered.

To memorise such a gift of love, DYNO turns his skin into "Robin Egg Blue" to meet you all in this Valentine's day which is his birthday as well.

May every of you have the blessings of true love :)

Stands approx. 4" tall. Made in Hong Kong.

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