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Dai Ocean - OPEN BOX SALE!


$15.00 was $25.00


Dudebox presents Pete Fowler and Fiends, featuring a set of new platform figures with designs by some of the world's top character artists.

Say hello to Dai, the first from the Pete Fowler and Fiends series, designed by Pete Fowler. The Monsterist is back!

Originally born in what was Tiger Bay in Cardiff to a seafaring family. Dai learnt the ropes from a very early age, taking him all over the world in pursuit of a life on the high seas. Although now done roaming, he now resides in Marina Del Rey, California and works on in and around the Marina. Buy him a tall one and listen to his stories of a young life well lived on the seven seas. 

Like John Cale, his Welsh accent is intact except for a few drawls here and there.

He's never been know to take off his sunglasses, ever, which has given him a sense of mystery and intrigue on the boardwalks and decking. He also has been known to sell bait and recommend the best fishing spots, this usually takes more than a tall one at the marina bar. Expect to leave your card with the barman. Approx. 5" tall.
Will be repackaged in original box.

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