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Anraku Ansaku Large (Full Size) Happy Bag (4pcs) - blind



New from Anraku Ansaku x Medicom comes the "Happy Bag" blind bag assortment. Large (full sized figures) happy bag will include:
●Gogamejira Skin molding color(uncolored)
 ★Doragoras or Garachion 
  Rakugaki Blue molding color(uncolored)
 ★Tiamat or Ketos
  Yellow molding color (uncolored)
 ★Pokopon or Pantaron
  Rakugaki Blue (uncolored).

Heights approximately 9" - 11" (230-280mm).

These are sold blind and there is no way to choose which figures you will receive, although ALL bags will include the Goga. Made in Japan.


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