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"The Painters Show": The Art of Custom Toys, curated by Connell Little (@Phuntsy). The Painters Show will feature the Art of custom sofubi toy painting, highlighting a variety of talented painters from around the globe! Artists include: Akashik Records Toys, Blurble One, Bwana Spoons, Candie Bolton, DrilOne, DskiOne, EvilDave, Grody Shogun, GUUMON, hellopike, Jeremi Rimel, KenthToyWorks, LeeeeeeToy, Lion Chen, lordmasterprince, Mark Nagata, Marvel Okinawa, Nate the Milkman, OBJT, Paul Kaiju, RecycleC, Remjie, Rotten Studios, Secret Demon Services Topheroy, Trash Talk Toys, Tru:Tek, UhOhToys and more!
Save the date now & check back often for updates!
"The Painters Show" opening reception is Saturday, March 3rd from 6 to 9pm in the Lulubell back gallery. No presales or holds. Any unsold pieces from this show will be made available for purchase online the following week.



Grumble Toy will be presenting drawings, paintings, and original vinyl and resin toys of character driven works on the theme of elusive creatures. Nocturnal, scarce, and fictional creatures will co-mingle in the works inspired in part by Ainsley and Chris' past visits to the Arizona wilderness. We will have the special pleasure of having both Ainsley and Chris in attendance for opening night!
Grumble Toy is an independent toy company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada featuring the works of husband and wife duo, Chris Bryan and Ainsley Sturko. They have been producing toys from thier original designs since 2008, often manufactured in Japan with the goal of making more than just toys but to create imaginative characters that are full of personality.
Ainsley Sturko is an artist and toy designer based in Winnipeg, Canada, best known for her character based pencil crayon illustrations. In 2004, she earned an honours degree in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba.
In 2006, Ainsley and her husband Chris Bryan founded the toy company Grumble Toy. Their vision was to have a store that specialized in Japanese Kaiju toys and handmade plush. At the end of 2007, Ainsley began to make plush toys based on some of her illustrations. The first of these was the Bonhomme of Winnipeg. In 2014, Ainsley began to create some of these characters as jointed mohair toys. All of her plush and mohair toys are one of a kind or limited editions and can be found online in the Grumble Toy shop.
Early in 2008, Chris and Ainsley released their first vinyl toy based on her illustration Wormrah. Wormrah was sculpted by the Japanese toy maker Amapro and handpainted by Chris and Ainsley. They have since collaborated with Amapro again to make their toys Manmorah, Chou-cho and Ishigon. In 2013, Chris sculpted Ainsley’s character Neko-Mimi, which was also produced into a vinyl toy in Japan.
Currently, Chris has been busy sculpting cats based off of Ainsley’s drawings. To date, they have made three of her cat characters into resin figures.
Join Chris & Ainsley at the opening reception on Friday, April 5th from 7 to 10pm in the Lulubell back gallery! Show open for two weeks, and any unsold pieces will go up online the week after the opening.

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