July 23 2018 Monday at 01:52 AM

Summer Slime 2018 @ Gunnzo Store

Paul Kaiju is a name that is synonymous with sofubi, even more so when it comes to the seniority of American artists that have cemented their place of legacy in the sofubi scene. Partnered with Paul, is his partner in life, and phenomenal independent artist, Melissa Super Junk, who is responsible for much of the incredible art you'll find gracing the header cards of Paul's bagged toys, as well as the sticker packs you'll find offered at every booth carrying PK. Every year as far back as I can remember, which, for me, was 2014, Paul has hosted a solo event at Gunnzo Store by the graces of store owner Chika. These events, sofubi greatness aside, have always included tacos (a personal favorite of Paul's), beer, non - alcoholic beverages of variety, plenty of great company, and many a collector of the PK lore, coming from all corners of the world. However, only recently, perhaps the last three years if memory serves me correctly, Paul has invited sofubi veterans, and great friends, Bwana Spoons and Jon Rampage Toys, to join in on the fun. Below you'll find an assortment of photos that are hopeful to adequately portray the environment of fun and excitement that all of the aforementioned people and establishment pour so much time, love and effort into. Thank you to Chika, Gunnzo, Paul, Melissa, Bwana, Jon and all in attendance. Already lookin' forward to next year!

 Paul Kaiju


Bwana Spoons

Rampage Toys

The Patrons

Fenton Works