January 22 2020 Wednesday at 09:35 PM

Shishi 55 Blue from Kaiju BBQ

Shishi is just one of many monsters from the Yakimon world created by Miles Nielsen of Munktiki fame, brought to life in vinyl by Kaiju BBQ! Shishi is a protector to a pair of twins named Ichiro and Jiro, who are intent on cleaning up their village that has fallen into decay and turmoil. 

Shishi makes its first full paint debut this weekend with this stunning 55 Blue colorway! This giant vinyl guardian towers in at 11”/28cm tall x 8”/20cm wide! Beautifully painted in this classic homage to the original Marusan Goji colorway by Ian Wong of Trash Talk Toys! Ian also painted the header card art that adorns this amazing creature. Drops online this weekend SAT. January 25th at 9am Pacific/5pm GMT - $175usd + shipping via our homepage: lulubelltoys.com

Photos by sofubi photographer extraordinaire: Robert Howell/ Manic Images !