March 24 2022 Thursday at 01:39 PM

NEW Miscreation Toys Death Gnasher - Lulubell Hot PInk Exclusive!

Coming up next from Miscreation Toys, his latest 10" vinyl horror "Death Gnasher" in a blank hot pink Lulubell exclusive color way!  Limited to just 25 pieces. $155 each + shipping (1st  hour of sale is only $135 each)
Death Gnasher is a tortured soul born from human experimentation. The monster is cursed by endless growing teeth and an appetite for flesh. Many attempted to contain the creature and seal its insatiable maw but ultimately failed and lost their lives doing so. 
This Lulubell exclsuive hot pink version will be able to reserve during a limited one week pre-order starting Sunday 3.27.2022 at 9am Pacific Time.
Special pricing first hour - 9am to 10am just $135 - set those alarms now!!!
Limited to just 25 pieces, subject to sell out before pre-order period ends. Pre-order ends Sunday, 4.4.2022 at Midnight Pacific, or when edition size sells out, whichever comes first! Current ETA is midsummer, subject to change.
Find them on our homepage starting this Sunday at 9am Pacific / 4pm GMT.
Miscreation fans, Death Gnasher will fit in well with any Autopsy Baby collection. Size will fall between Autopsy Baby/Gergle & Skellene. Approx. 10"/ 25cm tall. Hand sculpted by Jeremi Rimel, produced by Miscreation Toys in Hong Kong.