May 27 2022 Friday at 12:43 PM

Miscreation Toys is serving up fresh Meats at Lulu now through June 10th!

Our friends at Miscreation Toys are serving up a new mouth-watering batch of Meat.. Meat Marbled vinyl that is!  Designed to match previously released Meat Marbled figures, Miscreation Toys first debuted their Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby in Meat Marbled way back in 2013, followed by a Meat Marbled Cestoda in 2017!

Lulubell is now serving up Iron Monster & Fetoid on a made to order pre-order with no order maximums!!! Pre-order is now open & closes Friday, June 10th at 5pm Pacific Time.

Marbled Meat Iron Monster stands approx. 14"/35cm tall and features recently retooled legs. Comes bagged with a meaty header! $135usd + shipping.


Marbled Meat Fetoid (Skellene Head on AZSB body) is approx. 8"/21cm tall when seated & comes in hamburger meat packaging, a nod to the original AZSB release! $115 usd + shipping.

Both are available now via pre-order for a limited time exclusively via our homepage here. Pre-order closes Friday, June 10th at 5pm Pacific Time. 

***Please note: Current ETA for pre-order delivery is late summer 2020, but this is always subject to change. ***


Photos by Robert Howell/Manic Images.