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The Legend of She Headless Horse, Yokai Americana by Boon Velvet!

Yokai Americana : (She) Headless Horse by Boon Velvet

She Headless Horse, or simply the Headless Horse, is a lesser-known river spirit located in the southeastern United States.  Summoned by the stroke of midnight until the close of the witching hour, She Headless Horse roams the Flint River banks of Albany, Georgia in the search for her head, which she never finds.  Some have claimed she granted them good fortune, returning something important to them that had been lost.  But the story more often told is of the trampled bodies pulled from the river in the morning light.


                                   (Debut Blue Glow version - SOLD OUT)

With each coming, she goes through a transmogrification, always taking the same two to three forms in sequence.  The most frequently observed, from which She Headless Horse gained her name, is the 1st form, known as “the hunt.”  All witness accounts report seeing a large, muscular, horse-like shape with a grotesque wound where the head should be; a heavy white wind galloping soundlessly alongside the river; or a dense blue mist standing still like a cloud.  This incarnation is the form most witnessed, because her appearance signifies the onset of midnight, when the locals know to retire to their homes lest they wind up dead...

                                  (2nd Colorway, Shodai Version - SOLD OUT)

A meeting with She Headless Horse just prior to her 2nd form is one of great risk.  But hoping for a miracle, some people cannot resist taking the gamble, and they are willing to put their lives on the line for it.  These persons are typically mournful mothers, desperate men, drunks, and the occasional unmindful traveler, most of whom won’t live to see the 3rd form.  But whomever She Headless Horse selects from out and about in the night, she’ll reveal what she remembers of her true physical-self to them.  This is the 2nd form, “the choice.”  It’s most detailed report tells of a swelling of gurgling liquid that proceeds to spout forth from She Headless Horse’s gaping neck wound.  Rising and sloshing around as if alive, be it ectoplasm, river water, or a mixture of both, a figure begins to take shape therein: a bare-chested, armless woman, as beautiful as she is frightening, with eyes that you can’t quite see and a face that reads despair.  After the sloshing cools to a calm, she stands there silently with a fixed expression, perhaps thinking intently over whether they should live or they should die. The criteria on which She Headless Horse makes this decision is still unknown, although survivors of the encounter believe their incredible requests were granted because their loss was genuine, and she seemed to personally understand.  This credence is supported by the only words that She Headless Horse spoke to them.  In the saddest of whispers, she asked, “Have you seen my head?”

                        (3rd color way: Eternia version - currently available here)

Those who remain standing do not yet realize they are now among the blessed few of survivors.  Considered worthy of her favor, She Headless Horse no longer poses the peril that she did at first encounter.  Though still full of fear from the presence of a melancholy not known to the living, they’re unaware just how close they are to having their prayers answered.  Soon enough, She Headless Horse manifests a transparent projection of a severed horse head that takes form around the girl, where the head should be.  This is thought to be a sign of coping and acceptance, doing what’s needed to be at peace, as well as a statement that their loss is of greater importance.  Whether that is true or not is as unknown as how she came to be like this in the first place.  It’s believed that the decapitated horse head represents something else, but that she has long forgotten what that was.  Some suspect it was her human life taken and that She Headless Horse was trying to find her way back into the world of the living.  Perhaps being so full of self-pity had caused her to lose sight of that path.  This theory also offers an explanation into her murderous ways – that she’s driven to the point of fury by those she feels are wasting their humanity and taking their lives for granted.  But theories aside, it is in this 3rd form, “the gift”, that She Headless Horse is cleansed of all anger and has replaced it with compassion.  Then as the horse head begins to glow, a steady hum fills the air – the calming hum of a beautiful feminine voice.  This is the moment when any remaining fears are completely extinguished.  Witnesses speak of this as one of the most fulfilling experiences in their lives; on more than one occasion, they were filled with memories of childhood feelings and the warmth of their Mothers’ love, causing them to weep.  As the hum begins to fade, so does the veil of the horse head.  She Headless Horse then also vanishes - into a cold gust of air, she dissipates out over the river.  Whatever miraculous boon she bestowed is now realized and waiting, once they return home.  As for She Headless Horse, she is destined to return the following night and every night after – damned to walk alone in sadness for eternity; cursed to forever be, on a mission for wholeness that she can never fulfill.

                     (Eternia Version, shown in all 3 possible forms of display)

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