April 28 2022 Thursday at 10:38 AM

Join us for the Holographic Headbangerz Ball 4/30/22!

Announcing The Holographic Headbangerz Ball - this Saturday via Lulubell Toys!

New online drop featuring the demon Daruma Bodhidogma, painted in a throwback to the Holographic Ghost colorway + and a variety of holographic one-off’s to choose from! 

The Darumas are cast in super clear vinyl and then treated to a inner rainbow holographic paint, finished with fluorescent pink and yellow highlights. Each Holographic Ghost Daruma comes with an attached bell charm and is balanced with a weighted resin pour in the cap to ensure he rocks, but doesn’t roll. Approx. 3.25" / 8cm tall. MAX 1 per household please. $60usd + shipping. 

All ONE-OFFS feature holographic aspects and are previewed below. Subject to quick sell out, only ONE each!

Red Æther GØDhead (ONE-OFF) $60usd + shipping.

Approx. 3.25" / 8cm tall


Imperial Daruma. (ONE-OFF) $60usd + shipping.

Approx. 3.25" / 8cm tall

Holographic Samsara (ONE-OFF) $60usd + shipping.

Approx. 3.25" / 8cm tall


Black Æther Aleister (ONE-OFF) - $75usd + shipping.

Approx. 4"/10cm tall.


Golden Æther Ahura Mazda (ONE-OFF) - $150usd + shipping.

Approx. 7"/18cm tall

Black Æther Ahura Mazda (ONE-OFF) $150usd + shipping.

Approx. 7"/18cm tall

Rainbow Æther GØDhead (ONE-OFF)  $150usd + shipping.

Approx. 7"/18cm tall


All of the Holographic Hangbangerz drop online this Saturday, April 30th at 9am Pacific (4pm GMT), exclusively on our home page here: www.lulubelltoys.com 

  All photos by Robert Howell/ @manic_1mag3s