May 21 2020 Thursday at 11:16 AM

Introducing Skellene from Miscreation Toys!

We are excited to introduce Skellene Mourning Doll from  Miscreation Toys!!!

(Concept Art & Sculpt Details via @miscreationtoys Instagram)

Skellene is the latest creation in creator Jeremi Rimel's haunting sofubi lineup! Skellene will stand approx. 12"/31 cm tall, and is currently being offered up in 3 versions for her debut release. A limited edition factory painted version, and an open run on unpainted black and GID (glow-in-the-dark) editions.  Click here for pre-orders, open through June 30th, 2019 at 5pm Pacific Time, or when pre-order quantity limit has been reached.

Skellene has just entered into production and has a long way to go. This initial PRE-ORDER is designed to be similar to a KickStarter campaign, to help fund the start up costs for Skellene and help make this project come to life (back from the dead?! :) in sofubi. Current ETA for delivery is Spring 2020, but production windows are always subject to change. We thank everyone in advance for helping make Skellene a reality!

More about Skellene from the artist: 

During the Victorian era, people often used a physical representation to mark the death of a loved one. These doll-like effigies were created to help the families cope with the deceased, and were typically left at the grave site in remembrance. 

From time to time, a little impoverished girl would be seen wandering alone in one of these cemeteries playing with the mourning dolls left at children's graves.  No one knew who she was or from whence she came. One day her visits stopped and eventually her lifeless body was found in the woods nearby. Nobody ever claimed her, and she was buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery.

Years after her death, tales emerged about a little skeleton girl returning to play with the grave dolls in the middle of the night. Chatter and paranoia about the macabre sightings eventually lead to the girl’s grave being exhumed. However the figure in the small rotted casket was not the girl and instead was one of the mourning dolls she often played with. The girl was named “Skellene” in folklore ever since.

Mourn Thy Dead.