July 05 2021 Monday at 05:31 PM

Good Head Goons with Grody Shogun!

Have you always dreamed of making a toy, but it just seemed so out of reach? Grody Shogun x Lulubell Toys are here to make your sofubi dreams come true. Become immortal in sofubi for a limited time with the #GoodHeadGoons project from Grody Shogun!

GET STARTED!  You sculpt a head sized to fit any of these Grody figures: Monster, Monster 2, Ojisan or Karakuri, and just added...Death Monk! Just reserve your spot using the pre-order link, and Grody will make your head into sofubi, sized to fit on the selected Grody body. The $299.95 price covers 15 minutes of sculpt clean up, wax & molding. You will receive 15 samples of your head. 

Once production is completed, you may order heads at any time, either alone or with your mold group. By joining this project you are permitted to order complete figures (using one of the 5 Grody bodies listed below) that you can then paint & sell! (Some restrictions apply)

Reserve your spot by purchasing in advance via our website link here. After purchase, you will receive instructions within two weeks via email on how to complete the process and submit your sculpt for production. All sculpts must be shipped by August 5th. 

Once reserved, please join the private IG group here: https://www.instagram.com/goodheadgoons/ and/or Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/519963069280023
You will need to post or DM something to your IG that shows you have signed up/paid to be accepted into the groups since these are only for participants. This group will allow you to ask direct questions, coordinate with others in the project as far as organizing vinyl colors and more. This is YOUR community Goons! <3
This will be the best place to ask questions that are not answered in the group  emails.
This specially priced (aka. INSANELY DISCOUNTED) offer is open now & is limited to a one month reservation period. Ends August 5th at 5pm Pacific Time! 

Wanna share photos of your finished sculpt or WIPs? Be sure to use the hashtag #goodheadgoons so we can see what you are working on & so your sculpt may be featured in our IG stories! Have fun sculpting!!!


MONSTER BODY (same neck diameter, assorted body styles and arms)



Ojisan / Karakuri 


Monster 2


Monk (new addition to the body offerings!)