May 23 2020 Saturday at 01:28 PM

Funguy Moonface has landed!

Introducing Funguy Moonface, the debut sofubi creation from Johnny Savage Toys. Funguy Moonface was designed and sculpted by artist Aaron Kilbreath, the creator behind Johnny Savage Toys, and then lovingly produced in Japan via Lulubell Toys!

Funguy is a 4 part sofubi figure, with articulation in the tentacles! Funguy Moonface stands approx. 4.25"/11cm and both painted & unpainted are currently available for this initial release! $60-$120usd each, see all currently in stock here.

About Funguy Moonface:

Funguy Moonface started as a quick doodle back in 2015. Funguy looks super cute, but is a carnivorous mushroom-like creature sent here to Earth to take over the world on behalf of it's leader!! Funguy was sent here from a far off galaxy to conquer and take control of every living species. When threatened, he spits a hot pink acid that has everlasting hallucinating effects on any who come in contact with it, and where the acid lands more funguy clones sprout! Funguy melds with any DNA it comes in contact with, and its clones become hybrid creatures. Soon he will grow to gigantic sizes! Seven main spores were sent here and have begun to populate to fulfill the needs of the Supreme Leader of the Galaxy, Funguy Moonface.
If you see a Funguy, capture it! They become very docile, friendly, and endearing to their captives, for capturing them saves them from eons of slavery under their Supreme Leader of Galaxies, Funguy Moonface! The initial seven main spores (colorways) are defined by color, clear red with sparkly gold glitter being the rarest of them all! 
Meet the Artist!
We are excited to introduce the artist behind Funguy, longtime Lulu customer and artist in a vast variety of mediums, Aaron Kilbreath. Aaron is the creator and sculptor behind Johnny Savage Toys, with Funguy Moonface being the first in a line of future sofubi creations! 
About Aaron:
"I was born in Austin, Texas on July 17th 1981. I've been an artist, in the truest sense of the word, all my life. I draw, paint, sculpt, graffiti, and tattoo with several different mediums. By the age of 8, I was oil painting and studying the Renaissance artists. Throughout all my schooling, I've studied art, theater and even graffiti! I have a BFA in Multi-Media and Animation, and am a Producer/ Creative with many working projects.  I've worked a wide range of jobs but most involve art in some form or fashion. I've been the Art Director on a few video games, films and commercials, and most recently I've 3d modeled aircraft parts as a Jr. Engineer and designed cheerleader uniforms! I am a creative and only hope to create for the rest of my life."
"My inspiration comes from a lot of places, including skateboarding, graffiti, and fashion, but my earliest memories of sitting in front of the TV, with a giant bowl of sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons on are my most fond memories!
I used to watch and record Saturday morning cartoons, while playing along with my toys. I was and huge fan of Looney Toons: He-man, GI Joe, and Thunder Cats were some favorites, and I had most of all the original He-man characters. Then all the TMNT later on!
Some of this memory may be skewed, but when I was younger, my mother had a garage sale and sold off a lot, if not all of my He-Man figures! It was around this time that I decided I wanted to make my own toys (approx. age 5-6). So the next time it gets sold off, I can just make another I thought! I began breaking and mashing up my toys...thinking, I guess, if it's broke and mashed up no one will buy it...kid logic HAHA. 
I continued to study toys and the makings of. I remember seeing the cut marks on toys where flash had been cut off, and realizing that these toys aren't pumped out by some gigantic fantastical machine, but are rather sculpted by hand. This revelation hit me like a ton of bricks because my grandfather was a potter and sculptor.
Time passed, and I kept arting...
the vinyl craze of the early 2000s hit and I remember feeling unimpressed. The toys felt mass produced, machined to perfection, and lifeless. I felt no matter how you customize it, it is still lifeless. No actual hands seemed to ever have touched it or cared for it. It did not remind me of the toys I grew up with. Not at all. It made me sad, but rekindled my drive to make my own toys. The vinyl craze of the 2000's opened a lot of doors and exposed more people to this art form. 
Because these vinyl toys still didn't really remind me of my childhood toys, I went on the search. I don't remember ever seeing or have a soft vinyl toy when I was younger but do remember knowing there have to be better toys out there. 
Years of research, and I finally got my first true Sofubi from Grody Shogun!!! 
When I held my first sofubi, all my childhood memories flooded back and I knew then, all has prepared me for this! I'm a Toy maker!"
We are honored to produce Funguy Moonface for Aaron and thank him for sharing his story! I hope Aaron's passion and story inspire others to follow their dreams whatever they may be.