December 08 2015 Tuesday at 11:50 PM

Lulubell Toy Bodega Visits Cure Toys!

Mr. U.O., owner/operator of Cure Toys of Japan, most notably known for his Devil Boogie - Man sofubi figure, was kind enough to invite Luke, Yuki and myself to his studio for a peek into his creative world. Mr. U.O. was very kind, friendly and accommodating, and I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity! Below are just a few photos I was permitted to take during our visit! Enjoy!

- Robert 


Brain Bug Boogie - Man, collaboration between Mr. U.O. and James Groman!


Paint masks for precise production sprays, and an uncut Devil Boogie - Man mask!


Very large and very awesome airbrush paint/ventilation setup!


 One of many trays of various paints used by Mr. U.O.!


 Spooky - Boogie paint mask, neighbored by a production Brain Bug Boogie head!


Totes and baskets of blank, uncut Boogie - Men. Every Cure Toy collectors dream!


Mr. U.O.'s work station is kept to the highest cleanliness!


Painted/unpainted mixed part Pumpkin Boogies, sold exclusively through Lulubell Toy Bodega and C3!


And now, some snaps of Mr. U.O.'s personal Boogie vault!

Cure Toy x Secret Base! Obake and Goner Boogie!

Cure Toy x Secret Base Spawn homage Obake Boogie!


Arigatou Gozaimasu, Mr. U.O.!!!