November 15 2012 Thursday at 03:35 PM

Scott Wilkowski x Ron English "Mousemask Murphy"

 Presented by DKE Toys at DesignerCon 2012, Scott Wilkowski's latest infection: Ron English's "Mousemask Murphy" comes alive in Scott's beautiful black & red resin! These hand-cast resin editions are limited to 25 pieces of these two different colors, adding up to an edition of 50 total pieces. The infected critter sits atop a special black Japanese vinyl airplane by ZacPac, and is about 7" tall. These beautiful collector's pieces are $250 each and Lulubell Toys is the US exclusive retailer for the few pieces that remain.  So if you were unable to make it to DesignerCon, here's your last chance to snag the red and /or black version!

Mousemask Murphy will ship out around the end of November!