September 29 2012 Saturday at 02:06 PM

Meet the Artist: Todd Barrett!

As a part of our ongoing series on independent artists, here's another get to know you interview with one of our MMGMUS artists! I met Todd at one of the many conventions we do, and fell in love in a second.  I think we talked for at least an hour about all things vinyl, and by the end it was hugs, Facebook friends, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you meet a super genuine, positive person. 


1.  Name: Todd Barrett
2.  Artist or screen name: ZombieDaddy (because that's how I feel sometimes!) on Skullbrain
3.  Day Job: Full-time Daddy, cook, maid, chaffeur, house cleaner, advisor, homework assistant
4.  Where you live: Studio City, CA
5.  What inspired you to do mash-ups/customs?  The need to make crazy shit!  In my mind the mash-ups I do make sense; there are no alternatives -- it's either right or it's wrong.
6.  First Collectable toy:  When I was a kid there was a cereal called FREAKIES, and in each box came a collectible vinyl toy of one of the characters.  The main dude was Boss Moss, and when I finally got him, I was all about my collection
7.  What do you collect now?  Japanese vinyl by American artists Paul Kaiju, Rich Montanari's Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, and Grody Shogun
8.  Favorite toy in your collection?  MVH One-off Battle Damage from FOE Gallery's Summer Cauldron show
9.  Holy grail toy?  Just got it -- Paul Kaiju's first-ever painted Pollen Kaiser
10.  If you could see a mash-up materialize in the future, what would it be?  A crazy Paul Kaiju and Blobpus creation
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