September 27 2012 Thursday at 09:12 PM

Meet the Artist: WolverineBurger!

Continuing on with our meet the artist series, we interview another Mighty Morphin' Grody Mash-Up show customizer, WolverineBurger! Since most artists don't enjoy writing bios, I asked them each 10 questions so we can get to know them better. 

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1. Name: Jamison Dion
2. Artist or Screen Name: WolverineBurger
3. Day job: Buy/Sell/Trade Collectibles
4. Where you live: Montpelier, VT
5. What inspired you to do mash-ups/customs? At first, just as a kid, making action figures for characters that didn't exist, or updating ones I was unhappy with. Creating my own characters for the weird little story lines in my head. Boy did I eff up a lot of toys!
6. First collectable toy? When I was about 12, I dropped two weeks' allowance on a vintage, mint on card figure from Star Wars. It was probably the first toy bought specifically with collecting and display in mind, so I'd say a line was crossed that day. (It was an ROTJ Gamorrean Guard!)
7. What do you collect now? TMNT comics/toys & other 80s/90s action figures, prototypes, Marvel comics, underground comix, original art, Glyos, sofubi, resin, vinyl records, silver coins, fanzines - maybe it'd be easier to say what I don't collect? I don't collect stamps. Stamps are boring.
8. Favorite Toy in your collection? I have Wingnut and Screwloose from the original TMNT line, custom painted by Monsterforge in the Dark Knight style. There are many others up there too, but that's one of the most dear to me. They were childhood favorites and Monsterforge is a good buddy of mine who really took Dave Arshawsky's sculpt to the next level. You can find pics of the thing all over the internet. :D
9. Holy grail toy? A TMNT wax prototype or a set of Rechlen and Aves pre-Glyos resin figures.
10. If you could see a mash-up materialize in the future, what would it be? Grody Shogun needs to tackle a Glyos compatible figure or at least some custom heads!
 Here's a couple collection shots from WolverineBurger.  It's always so fun for me to see where things I've shipped hang out.  Thanks Jamison for being in our show & for giving us a fun peek into your world!  Be sure to check out his custom in the gallery this month, or online here.