September 25 2012 Tuesday at 07:59 PM

Meet the Artist: Blurble!

This month's Mighty Morphin' Grody Mash-Up Show brought us tons of talent and creativity from all over the world.  For the rest of this month, we'll be getting to know each artist in the show . Since most artists don't like writing about themselves, I gave each a list of 10 questions to answer for us!  First up is Arizona artist & team Lulu member Blurble!  Blurble (a.k.a Mike) can be found around Lulu on weekends, chatting it up with customers, packing orders, drawing awesome sketches for you all, and most of all, sharing his passion for customizing and creating with anyone who wants to know.  You couldn't find a nicer, more talented dude... stop in some Saturday and wax toy-isophical with him! He often has customs in the store, and he self-produces his own resin creations as well.  As if he's not busy enough, he's currently building a new website, but while it's under construction, you can check out his goodies here.


1. Name: Mike
2. Artist or Screen Name: Blurble 
3. Day job: Sales / Team Lulubell!! 
4. Where you live: The Valley of the Sun
5. What inspired you to do mash-ups/customs?: It was right around when Kidrobot came out. I walked into their store in San Francisco and was amazed at all the customs toys I saw. That night, I did my first custom and haven't stopped. 
6. First collectable toy?: Kaws Stormtrooper 
7. What do you collect now?: Anything that I think is weird, silly, and fun! 
8. Favorite Toy in your collection?: That's a tough one...I did just pick up a Frankenruge.  
9. Holy grail toy?: Kaws Stormtrooper 
10. If you could see a mash-up materialize in the future, what would it be? I have several I would love to see. It would be cool to see some Grody Sleeping Killers. I would also like to see USA graff artist Pezo do a custom toy.
Mike still has a couple unsold pieces in the mash-up show, so be sure to check out his mash-ups here!