September 17 2012 Monday at 06:37 PM

How To Assemble Blanks!

Care & feeding of your blanks (a.k.a. how to safely assemble):

 Step 1: Trimming Your figures are how they come out of the molds…cool… eh? They have extra vinyl, commonly referred to as “flash”, which first must be trimmed off, as well as all arm holes. Easiest way to trim the flash is to gently heat up the area to be trimmed off with a hairdryer until the vinyl is soft. (wear gloves so you don’t burn your fingers!) If you don’t have a hairdryer, they can be left in the sun for several minutes to get them soft. Using an X-Acto knife or razor blade knife, gently cut away from you. The blade should enter easily… if not, either the vinyl is not warm enough, or your blade is dull. Be careful, cut slow, wear gloves. Lulubell is not responsible if you cut, burn or injure yourself in any way…so don’t do that! ☺

Additional tips on cutting: You must leave the joint area intact or your figure won’t assemble. The joint is the part that you stick into the body hole to make it stay together & move! See picture below - the black lines are where you should be cutting.


Arm holes – these do not have to be perfect, because they won’t be seen. The biggest mistake you can make here is cutting the holes too large. Cut these a bit smaller than the outline, and if it’s a bit jagged & not a perfect circle…don’t worry. All gets covered by the joint once the other part is inserted! Flash trimmed off – get creative! Some pieces of flash can be used to make weird things for your creations, or even to do test painting on!


Step 2: Assembly Now the fun part! Heat the FEMALE parts of your vinyl ONLY! What’s the female part you ask? The part that is the “inny”, not the “outie”…makes sense now, right? Heat the female end until soft (but not toooo soft or it will just dent in). Insert the male end into the soft female end and twist a bit to insert. I think it’s easier to insert the arms first & the head last, and on EM, build your arms first, then insert the entire built arm, then the head last! Most of all – have fun! ☺